From my own personal experience (by using these products daily), I have found that the following two products have helped with anxiety and depression. They are both natural, and relatively cheap.

Orange Blossom Water 300ml bottle


This stuff grows on you - its slightly bitter and ‘flowery’, but after a couple of days you get used to it and it does taste a lot better.

Every morning I drink 1/2 a bottle when I get up and I generally find that my mood is a lot better, I can handle stress a lot more effectively, and things do not bother me as much. I purchase it from Melbury and Appleton who offer a great service. It has a lot of other health benefits too - for example in cooking, in your iron, and many more.

2. Lemon Verbena (aka Vervain)


Lemon Verbena is a delicious dried leaf tea which is simply steeped in hot water. The health benefits include helping with weight loss, Reduce inflammation, protects muscles, helps your immune system, soothes digestive issues, helps with fevers, helps anxiety and nerves and also with congestion, which is great if you have a cold. Its pretty cheap and can be found on Amazon

I would recommend both these to anyone who is prone to having a bit of a wobble - on bad days I have half a bottle at night as well and find it works really well.