Alarms. Burden of lifeI, like everyone am at the mercy of my alarm clock. Whether it is that frustrating feeling you get when you get woken up from a great dream, or that frustrating feeling when you wake up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. Morning alarms are a bastard. They remind you of the fact that you have to get up, get ready for work, and be out of the door by a fixed time, and then do this five times (at least) until you are free for two mornings, then, if you are like me, being woken up by a clumsy neighbour living above you who urinates like a horse, drops the toilet lid, and, well, drop pretty much everything on her laminated flooring, and as a special treat, having her tumble drier switched on at 8am in the morning. This drags me out of a nice dream with the drone of her delicates being slowly cooked.

But I digress.

Today was the start of a new plan of actions for mornings. The plan was:

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off, with Local Radio 6.05 AM: Urinate, then clean teeth 6:10 AM: Drink a pint of water (Since you get quite dehydrated over night, it is a good thing to do) 6:15 AM: Exercise Bike for 30-60 minutes 7:15 AM: Shower 7:55 AM: Go to work

However, it went like this:

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off, with Local Radio 6.15 AM: Get out of bed 6:15 AM: Think ‘fuck it, i’ll start tomorrow’ and get back into bed 6:30 AM: Decide that I really should get my arse in gear, go to the bathroom and do the needful 6:31 AM: Get on the bike, and watch On Demand TV, peddling away for 30 minutes 7:05 AM: Wander around in a bit of a daze then get a pint of water 7:15 AM: Shower 7:40 AM: Stand gormlessly in the middle of the lounge trying to remember something I have forgotten 7:55 AM: Go to work

So, despite the ‘fuck it’ moment, I’d consider this a successful start. It certainly beats my original day of:

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off, with Local Radio, I wake up, then go back to sleep with the radio still playing 7:30 AM: I wake up ** Blur ** 7:55 AM: Leave for work

The logic behind this seems sound - your body needs to stay hydrated, and it has been proven that tiredness and dehydration do indeed go hand-in-hand, so, starting the day with a pint of water gives it a good helping hand in getting going.

I’m going to see how it goes now, I feel great, but my legs hurt (I think I have something dodgy going on with my knee though), so I will see if I can do it for a little while longer and see how it makes me feel! :)