Email passes through a variety of networks before finally getting down to its proposed recipient. Anywhere along this path, it is liable to be intercepted and its contents get stolen or copied. Most especially when the path happens to be an unsecured node or that which is being monitored, typically by spyware. The Federal Trade Commission recognises the danger spyware programs poses to consumers. But with the aid of email encryption programs/software your email contents is secure be it personal, business or official.

Anytime criminals want to locate sensitive information, they invade email archives. Back in 2011, quite a lot of important companies and organisations got hacked. In every single case, email archives happened to be a fraction of what hackers stole, compromising the security of individuals, business organisations, high officials and their likes. Though the FBI once recommended encryption for both Organisations and individuals, but later put forward that encryption is bad all because it can be put to use by criminals to carry out various criminal acts neglecting the fact that most materials being used today are also being used by these criminals to execute their operations. Ranging from computers which also serve as essential tools for these same criminals, to cell phones, cars and lots more but they all remain legal.

There are lots of programs out there that can help you encrypt your email. A very popular one is Pretty Good Privacy also known as PGP. Depending solely on the type of email encryption you attain, the process differs but the objective remains the same. Encryption protects the initial message your email contains with the proposed recipient having the knowledge of how to decode so as to get the sensitive data. Encrypting your email will leave you with series of benefits to enjoy which will be discussed below.

In support of businesses in competitive fields, the advantages of email encryption is further manifested. It prevents competitors from intercepting information that can be used for corporate surveillance. Encryption helps in protecting data that are confidential and vital to the success of your business ranging from business proposals to statistics to figures and the likes than to organisation’s plans for business expansion.

For individuals, encryption is as well needed. Basic personal info such as home address, mobile number, social security number should be concealed. Identity thieves can steal your financial niceties such as insurance details, credit card information, social security numbers, and the likes.

Individuals who send secretive messages, photos, videos and any other data or files will likewise benefit from encryption as they will be rest assured that their files remain secured and IT criminals can never gain access to their data. This is more than ever important for community personalities such as politicians and celebrities who require keeping their work life away from their private life. Several careers have been brought down by private emails publicised by IT criminals.

Email encryption will always remain important for both organisations and individuals for as long as the Internet thieves and Criminals exist. This is the more reason you have to start encrypting your email now for the privacy of your business and personal life.