As the crystal is now on order, I need to start testing the box. After talking to the people behind the Norfolk experiment, they have tried photography with using a camera on a phone, but with limited success. However, with the chamber, the phone can sit securely on the top, and my phone has Infra red laser focusing (something like that anyway), so I spent the evening doing some calibration tests.

The box with a (badly) fitting calibration sheet We have ignition
 The box with a badly fitting calibration card  Electric Test was successful, lighting is great

I had a play with a graphics package to come up with a calibration sheet unique to the project. I got a bit obsessive but I wanted to cover as much as I could to ensure everything was working once I got the crystal. The electrics were sound (I need a better mounting for the battery), and on the first focusing test, I hit the first problem.

First focusing test was a bit off Test 2 with lens
 First focus test was a bit off  With a lens,  things got worse

[caption id=”attachment_6031” align=”aligncenter” width=”400”]Focusing sorted itself out and it was almost there Focusing sorted itself out and it was almost there[/caption]