Some ignorant guy started making statements publicly that Islam is wrong, it’s violent and that all Muslims are terrorists unless they reject the Quran, and that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. This is, unfortunately one of the growing number of ignorant (mainly American) Christians that seem to be getting quite vocal, and causing conflict. Yet again, its a generalisation with ISIS / Daesh.

It’s these Christians that are making claims that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim is like me saying that there is no Christian that does not do unspeakable things to children. I know several devout Sunni Muslims who deplore violence and voice their concerns that the actions of Daesh are as Islamic as the racist murders by the KKK are Christian.

If that does not wash, then you can look back in history with different wars >100k deaths, and lets see which religion is the more violent:

German Peasants’ War - A series of peasant revolts during the height of the Protestant Reformation, spurred on by a mix of economic and religious causes. 100k deaths for Christianity.

Moro Insurgency - Islamic rebels in the Philippines have a long, bloody history of resistance against colonial and Philippine governments alike. 120k deaths for Islam.

Northern Crusades - Crusades to root out the Baltic pagans. Couldn’t find any good casualty estimates, but 150k deaths for Christianity seems reasonable.

Algerian Civil War - More Islamist rebels. 200k deaths for Islam.

Lord’s Resistance Army - Christian militants in Central Africa. Remember Kony 2012? 200k deaths for Christianity.

Albigensian Crusade - France leads a crusade to root Cathar heretics out of the Languedoc. Estimates vary wildly from 7k to 1mil, but let’s just say 200k deaths for Christianity.

Great Turkish War - A “Holy League” of Christian states rolls back the Ottoman Empire’s conquests in Eastern Europe. 300k deaths for Christianity.

Afghan Civil Wars - A variety of Islamists, including Al Qaeda, vie for control over Afghanistan. 400k deaths for Islam.

Rashidun Conquests - The Islamic Caliphate conquered its way from being a desert backwater to the world’s most powerful state in an incredibly short period of time. I can’t find anything resembling an estimate for the casualties involved, so I’m going to completely BS this one: 500k deaths for Islam. Trust me, it won’t affect the winner.

Ottoman Conquests - Mehmed II leads the Ottomans on a merry path of conquest over Eastern Europe. 800k deaths for Islam.

The Crusades - All of Christendom spends a few centuries banging it’s head against a Holy Land-shaped wall. 1mil deaths for Christianity.

So far, Christianity’s crusading habit is definitely a big source of casualties, but those the Muslim militants have pushed Islam into the lead. The score is neck and neck at 1,950,000 deaths for Christianity and 2,120,000 deaths for Islam.

But three wars that most people have never heard of completely blow this competition out of the water.

French Wars of Religion - The French Protestants and Catholics spend 36 years massacring each other silly. 3mil deaths for Christianity.

Thirty Years’ War - Protestant and Catholic princes duke it out for control of the Holy Roman Empire (modern Germany). War is waged between mercenary companies that loot the countryside to support themselves. One third of Germany dies. 10mil deaths for Christianity.

So that’s 15 million deaths for Christianity and a mere 2 million for Islam.

(source: World/US/European History tutor)

Religion in general is at fault, and its intolerance of the followers who spout off negativity and provoking comments about other belief systems that cause issues. That is why I am proud that because I have lived my life so far not bound to a religion, it means that I am not ignorant of other beliefs, that I am tolerant of people of all faiths and you would never find me telling people that their religion is wrong because it is different to mine.

Everyone has their beliefs, and nobody has the right to tell other people that their belief system is wrong. Especially when you drill into the details of the antagoniser’s religion and find it full of contradictions and find that ultimately based on their story of creation, that everyone is incestuous, so no matter how devout they are, they are all sinners and would by their twisted logic go to hell.

Given the choice between the two, I would rather be a Muslim than a Christian. Out of all the Muslim people I know, they are all friendly, peaceful and respectful. Out of all the devout Christians I know, I cant think of anyone who would go out of their way to help their fellow man, who doesn’t put their own selfish interests first.

But hey, ‘God works in mysterious ways’, right?