I hate puns. Sorry for that.

So I am hitting Huel again for meal replacements - Lunch and tea on weekdays, and all 3 meals on the weekend.

This evening was my first proper use of my Nutribullet which was recommended to me by someone I had converted to using Huel.

I started off with an Apple, a Banana, some Cashews, and 1/4 of a Lime.

Fruity, nutty base

Next, came a load of water, the Fuel (two large scoops, so about 3 scoops in total), and a wodge (a technical term) of Ginger powder.

Ready to Blend

Blitzed it, and it was delicious. Sorry, no photos. I tasted it, and the ginger and lime flavours were amazing, so it got rapidly consumed. Nom!