[caption id="attachment_6265" align="alignright" width="236"]Nope. Just no. Just no.[/caption] Ha. I found out I don't have a fear of drag queens. I actually have Maquillaphobia - A fear of makeup and cosmetics!
It can probably also explain the fear I have of clowns.
It's a shame that so many women hide their beauty behind makeup. People should be happy being who they are and not what they hide behind. The media make their money by permanently keeping women feeling insecure about how they look so they can peddle their overpriced potions which contain some key ingredient or extract. Its all junk.
Its nice to know though that I have a known (albeit little known) phobia and its not something that can be branded as being homophobic. I'm not.
For me, this irrational phobia has caused me to become tight-chested around people who wear too much makeup, and in my head it blocks everything, the brightness of burning magnesium, and the sound of white noise, I can't think, and I start to panic. It's horrible.
There you have it. Social anxiety, Maquillaphobia, and things in my past that have driven me to dark places that have irreparably broken me.