Moroccan Swearing English Translation
Takool zep Eat my dick
Takool zep ala hamar Eat the dick of a donkey
Tinny zep Kiss my dick
Malik maloof Your king is a pig
Zit howa Get Fucked
Kahba Mok Your mother is a whore
Zemel Bok Your father is fag
Ya zamel You faggot
Wild el gahbah Son of a whore
Kahba Fag, gay
Zep Penis, dick, cock
Bara nayek Go fuck yourself
Kahba Whore
Khra Shit
Kkewed Fuck off
Tabbon Pussy
Mchi thawa a zemel a weld lkahba Fuck off, you gay son of a bitch
Seer takawood zemel ta a bok Go fuck off, you son of a faggot
Hamar li Waldik Your father is a donkey
Allah inaal din Tabon Imok Allah curse the religion of your Mother’s pussy
El hatchoune deyemak khanez Your mum’s pussy is dirty
Yalli babak zamel we yemak kehba Your dad is gay and your mom is bitch
Retali zebi Suck my dick
Ana haneji nehawi dine deyemak I’ll fuck your mum’s religion
Sir lay naal frapo dial taboun mok May god curse the flag of you mother’s pussy
Zamel taa bouk Son of queer
Kawad! Piss off; fuck off
Ghber man hna Get lost!
Ya weld el kahba You son of a bitch
Kahba Bitch
Chalotia Bitch
Chaita Bitch
Maroud A coward