Singlish Swearing English Translation
Hong Gan Get fucked!
Kgum Lan Whatever the hell for? (lit. Suck balls)
Tio Gan Being fucked
Sio Gan Fucking
Bo Ji / Bo Lum Pa No balls
Gan Piah Fuck the wall
Gan Di Du Fuck a spider
Hor Gui Gan Fucked by ghost
Hor Gau Gan Fucked by dog
Lan Jiao Lang Cock person (Jerk / Bastard)
Kena sai Disgraced! (lit. to be stained by shit)
Chee Bye Chwee Pussy mouth
Hah? Hah Lum Par! Huh? Huh, testicles!
Kan Nin Nia/Bu Fuck your mum
Gan Nin Lao Pei Fuck your dad
Lin Nia eh…! Your mum’s…!
Lan Jiao Wei Nonsense! (lit. Cock story)
Lan Sai Wei Nonsense! (lit. Cock shit story)
Lan Sai Bin Cock shit face
Chow Ter Bye Foul pig’s pussy
Chow Lang Foul Person
Hao lian An extremely vain person
Chee Bye Kia Pussy child (Jerk, Bastard)
Pah Pei Kee Masturbate (lit. Beat airplane)
Lum Pa Jeng Swollen Balls (Exhausted)
Chee Hong A man who always socializes with ladies
Neh Neh Pok Breast
Neh Ji Nipple
Png Tang Good for nothing (lit. Rice bucket)
Char Tow Blockhead
How Dai Foolish
Swey Unlucky
Bo Lor Yeong No road to use (Useless)
Bo Bei Chow No horse run (Unbeatable)
Tei Mia Short life (Cursing one to an early death)
Pua Pbee Sickly (Damning someone)
Gong Kia Stupid child
Kei Kiang Faking Cleverness (Smart alec)
Gow Faking Cleverness (Smart alec)
Hao Lian Proud, Boastful
Lau Kau Monkey
Si Bak Kau Four-eyed monkey (Person with glasses)
Seow Kow Mad dog
Seow Lang Mad person
Guey Chicken (Prostitute)
Pua Chu Teng Broken Roof (Partially bald person)
Low Kui Embarrass
Sia Suay Disgrace
Jzao Sai To be unfaithful
Pah Cheow Bak Shoot bird eyes (cross-eyed)
Bak Jiu Gkor Sai Eyes smeared with shit (Bad taste)
Low Lan Arrogant (lit. Droopy Balls)
Sia Lan Rude and arrogant
Siao Liao Expression for dismay, resignation
Siam Get out of the way
Gei Seow Feign ignorance
Jzao Gka Bei Tit Run until tail strait (Run and flee like hell)
See Kwee Kia Damned Demon Child (Naughty kid)
See Ghin Na Damn Child
Hao Lum Bin Sour and unhappy face
Kow Bei Kow Bu Cry father, cry mother (Making noise)
Ke Chia Die! (lit. Up the lorry)
Kan ni lao bu chow chee bye Fuck your mother’s smelly cunt
Ki sai Go to hell (lit: go shit)
Jiak Pah Bo Sai Pang Walk unknown road (To make a lousy decision or deal)
Kin Jio Kia A Chinese who wishes to be a Caucasian (lit. Banana kid)
Jiak Gan Tang A Chinese who speak English as their 1st language (lit. Eat potato)
Bak Jiu Tah Stamp Stamps pasted over eyes (Bad taste; careless)
Wah Biang / Lau / Liu / Lan / Kao / Korh Expressions of surprise, disbelief, anger, etc.
Mm Jai See Recklessness (lit. Don’t know death)
Jzoh Gui Tow A troublemaker (lit. Be leader of Ghost)