Vietnamese Swearing English Translation
Buoi Penis, dick
Dai’ Penis, dick
Cu Penis, dick
Cac Penis, dick
Hi~m Pussy
Lon Pussy
Lo dit Asshole
Ð? M? Mày Fuck your mother
Do` di~ The town bike (everyone rides you)
Thang cac be’ You have a small penis
Con di me mày Your mother sucks goats
An cut ne con Go eat shit now
Cat me cu may di Cut off your dick
Ba chang Mean old woman
Cai lon ma mày Your mom’s pussy
Vo giao duc Uneducated
Cho cai Bitch
Dit me may I fucked your mum
Tao bop vu may bay gio I want to feel your tits
Cac tao bu ne con I have a very big dick
May den nhu cuc cut cho You are black like dog shit
Cho de Son of a bitch
Ba Tam Noisy person
Lai cai Gay
Lai duc Lesbian
Thang cha may Insult your father
Con me may Insult your mother
Dit con me may tec hang Fuck your mother until her vagina is broken
Thang nguc lon You suck a dirty vagina
An cac tao ne` You eat my penis
Bu’ lon tao ne You eat my vagina
Bu cac tao Suck my dick
Dip Di Tung Ngo Nay Di Fuck this stupid kid
Do ngu Stupid
Do khung Crazy
Con di Hooker
Hom qua tao choi me may do I fucked your mother yesterday
Su thu dam Masturbate
Di du may Go fuck yourself
May do ngu You’re stupid
Em ghet anh I hate you
Ði Chét Ði! Go die!
Bon Gay
May an long dai cham mui! You eat pubic hair with salt-dip
Do cho chet You’re a fucking dead dog
Dit ca ho nha may Fuck your family
Cai deo gi day?? What the fuck??
Ngu Nhu Heo You’re dumb as a pig.