Dark Lilly Archive - READERS LETTERS DL1





Pleased to hear that DL is making a comeback Under New Management. That title was too good to lose. But its brief appearance a few years ago wasn’t the first use of the title “Dark Lily”, was it?


ANSWER: The earliest known use of the title “Lilium Arcanum” or Dark Lily was in 1908ev. A member of our editorial staff has seen two sheets, one dated 1908 and one 1910, apparently individually written in imperfect copperplate. Although she did not have the opportunity to examine these, she believes the person in whose possession they were did not have the skill to forge such documents. Any further information would be gratefully received. As you say, it’s a good name, no matter what its previous pedigree.



Can you answer a few questions for me:

  1. What is Satanism?

  2. What creed or rules do they live by?

  3. What would be an ideal Satanist?

  4. What sort of people do they despite?

  5. How many are there, do they all belong to groups?


ANSWER: Every Satanist would probably have a different response to your questions. Our answers to the first three are contained in the Dialogue Between Adept and Pupil in this issue. Question 4: we do not waste our energy in futile emotions, but we would have no time for anyone who follows a set of rules laid down by other people without having first thought them through, reasoned them out, and decided that he/she agrees with them. Question 5: there are millions of Satanists. A very small proportion belong to groups. Many do not feel the need to seek company, and many more have not even realised that they are Satanists.



Can you tell me how to become a Satanist?


ANSWER: If you truly wish to be a Satanist, then you are a Satanist. But you must define your question more clearly before it can be fully answered. If you feel the need for a ceremonial initiation, you could compose a suitable ritual as outlined in “Teenage Satanist” (black candles, parchment and other equipment are available from an advertiser in this magazine). If you wish to join a group, you must first decide on the type of group; what you can offer to them (not your “soul” – no-one but you has any use for that); and what you want from them.



From the Dark Lily Journal No 1, Society of Dark Lily (London 1987).