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Editorial to DL3


Editorial policy is that there should be as little editorial policy as possible imposed on DL. As our readers have observed, there have been conflicting opinions expressed, and we expect that this will continue. DL gives you plenty to think about, but does not tell you what to think.


Probably you have heard the (true) story of the salesman’s job advertised stating a potential earnings of £100,00 per annum; no-one applied. The same job advertised at £20,000 per annum attracted a hundred applicants. They put their own value on their abilities. Most Occultists do the same. There are a few who are determined to reach Adepthood no matter what the cost, but the majority, who have progressed far enough to know themselves, know that they do not wish to handle the responsibility which such power entails. After all, the £100,000-a-year salesman got ulcers and a heart attack, and that was only a job.



Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 3, Society of Dark Lily (London 1987).