Dark Lilly Archive - Guest Spot DL5


Another tradition has been established – the DL guest-spot. Announcing a new magazine, a product or a project, something of interest to all Occultists or to a specialised section. Let us know in plenty of time if you wish to participate – the guest spot in DL6 will announce the launch of the new magazine ABRASAX. In this issue:




It must be nearly five years since the first two issues of End Times Bulletin were produced, the series being brought to a premature end when the editor was asked to write a book. Since then, other business has had to take priority.


But now the Millennium is five years closer, so it’s time to try ETB out again. On a small scale, looking to publish two or three times a year, starting in October 1988.


To make a success of what will be primarily a news and comment journal, with some backgrounds articles, ETB will need a participative readership, sending in news clippings, rumours, religious tracts, prophecies, threats, stories of doom and gloom, the new age, geological disaster, disease, the Antichrist, Armageddon, and all the other components of the Twentieth Century Apocalyptic Vision.


All contributions will be credited and it is hoped to provide free copies of the first issue to those who have helped. Please send anything which may be of interest to:



Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 5, Society of Dark Lily (London 1988).