Dark Lilly Archive - The Owning of People





There are only two types of people in the world: rulers and servants. People are born to own or to be owned. It is only necessary to be able to recognise those who are servants and those who are rulers.


Most who read this are too conditioned to understand and so they will interpret it politically. It has nothing to do with the family one was born into, one’s social or political position or wealth. Those who are truly born to rule appear in all walks of life. It is a matter solely for the individual.


Some people cannot accept responsibility for themselves or others. They might like the privilege but they cannot handle the responsibility that goes with it. Throughout history, every time a slave-class was emancipated, many freed slaves chose to remain in servitude with their former owners and, of those who gleefully took their freedom and departed, the majority returned within a short space of time. Many who are natural servants are made unhappy by people trying to teach them that they do not have to serve. When they get out of the safety of serving, they do not like the wilderness in which they find themselves.


It is necessary to be careful who you own. One does not want to own a lot of trash. I do not own many unworthy people, but I own every worthy person I have ever come upon whom I think I can use. I even own some who are born leaders. If you cannot serve, you cannot rule. It is impossible and you should not try it. That would be as meaningless as a vicar talking about sin; he knows nothing about it if he has never had the courage to sin.


People can be used, as the commander of an army may find it necessary to use mercenaries to supplement his loyal followers. But, after the battle, a sensible general will dispose of the mercenaries, even if he has to kill them. People who are born to rule know when it is necessary to kill and they will not flinch from doing it. To take another example, a besieged town: the inhabitants are promised their lives if they surrender, but a competent besieger will not keep that promise. It is a simple law of geometry that there is no way he can march from that town that does not leave it at his back. To take responsibility for certain people might mean eventually eliminating them. Those who are worthy will remain my servants for ever.


Not all my servants know that they are owned. Some have been placed in position for a specific purpose, to be used when the need arises. In espionage terms they would be called sleepers. When the time comes, they will perform because that is why they were put there, at a carefully-chosen time and place in the past. Owning someone does not mean that I control his or her every action; it means that I do not need to.


Occultists are taught that they must know themselves. However, because of the political connotations which have been falsely attached to this matter, few teachers dare deal with the question and few pupils dare face the reality. Whether one is a natural ruler or a natural servant is no hindrance to Occult or any other form of progress. But inability or unwillingness to acknowledge one’s nature forms the insurmountable barrier.



Anonymous article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 5, Society of Dark Lily (London 1988).