Dark Lilly Archive - THE ALIEN WITHIN YOU





There are rules which govern the Universe and everything in it, but there are no absolutes. At conception, you are made up of a random bunch of “cells”  (as previously explained, this is the essence of your being and does not refer to physical cells). When you die, your cells go back into the pool of energy which is the Universe. This energy has been there for ever and it is a finite amount. It is made up of everything in the Universe, many other life-forms of which most people on Earth are unaware.


Visualise the Universe as a huge sphere with each type of life-form existing independently in its own area. When an individual representation of a life-form dies, its cells are returned to that part of the Universe nearest to that life-forms area of existence, for example a planet. At the conception of each new manifestation of that particular life-form, the nearest cells are scooped up, so naturally the same type of life-form continues to come through in that area or on that planet. Babies born on Earth are in recognisably human form. On the rare occasions that too many cells of a different life-form are gathered up in one scooping, the entity does not survive in what is, to it, a hostile environment.


As cells are returned to the Universe-pool, most remain within their own area, but a few are spread wider, like the ripples on a water-pool. This is a continuing process. Many people on Earth have one or more cells of an alien life-form within their essence, just as the creatures a million light-years away have a very small proportion of homo sapiens. Usually this is buried deep within the subconscious and remains hidden.


This is the explanation for the phenomenon know to science (because science has to simplify and pigeonhole it) as atavism. “Return to a primitive state” dos not properly address the issue at all, but it is the nearest they can come to it. If that cell within you is from a totally different mode of existence and culture, you have no means of defining it or acknowledging it. Unrecognised, it manifests itself weakly; once you have recognised and confronted it, it knows that it exists and exists separate of you. It is not a demon, it is a cell from a different life-form. When you have found that cell, you cannot get rid of it. Like every other aspect of the subconscious, it thinks that it has a right to live.


An early symptom of the dawning recognition of an alien cell within one’s being is totemism, belief that one has within one’s psyche the spirit of an animal or a bird (most frequently a wolf or a raven). It happens to beginners on the Occult path. They accidentally give this cell a prod and, because they are not sufficiently advanced to comprehend what it really is, they select the Earth-creature which is reputed to have certain characteristics corresponding to those which they have noted within that cell. In extreme cases, they may even come to believe that they have the ability to change into the wolf, raven or other species. Everyone who has claimed another form has always selected a creature that is of Earth, though the Universe has been around longer than ravens or wolves.


Totemism is not, as generally believed, merely a flight of fancy or an ego-trip. It is an indication of those who have begun to make progress. Others who have not explored themselves have never come face to face with the bit that does not fit.


A thousand or a million light-years away, their creation and un-creation is exactly the same as ours. It is all from the same pool.



From the Dark Lily Journal No 7, Society of Dark Lily (London 1988).