Dark Lilly Archive - Where Am I Going




A rarely-trodden route, over-grown and strewn with pitfalls

Dangers lurk if I should stray – but I cannot see the Path, and I wander from the track

No signpost: “To The Abyss”. No map, no guide, no shelter.

Who knows the way?

One who has gone before.


From his lonely heights, beyond the awesome gap,

He sees me slip and struggle on again

He cannot and he will not aid me now.

The journey from this world

This way the truth, all things

You have to make it on your own.


I hesitate; no looking back

The point of no return

I stumble on as darkness falls

No starlight as I seek to reach the stars

The way I came is hidden; the way ahead unknown

I am lost.


Anonymous poem taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 9, Society of Dark Lily (London 1989).