Dark Lilly Archive - Its All in the Mind




I was beginning to get worried. A magazine run by a friend of mine was unusually late. Knowing how annoying it is to receive such enquiries as “where is it?” or “why is it late?”, I kept quiet. If there was anything I could do, he would have contacted me. He didn’t, so I didn’t bother him.


I was just a little bit worried. Of course nothing could have happened to him. He’s an advanced Occultist, he wouldn’t let it happen. And if the fundies tried to hassle him, they’d be up to their necks in law-suits before they knew what hit them (and maybe a bot of Black Magick for good measure).


He was busy, that’s all. Still, it was unlike him to be late.


Seeking reassurance, I got out my Tarot cards. They provided that assurance quite adequately, and also an interesting indication of the mind’s connection with the cards. My conscious, logical mind knew that my friend was fine, just busy. It was the wayward subconscious that kept pushing up these insidious worries. Then the right cards were selected to confirm what I really knew.


How were they selected? It’s all in the mind. Like any other aid to clairvoyance. Picking the right cards from a face-down pack may be more difficult than seeing the right vision in a crystal, but the mind can do it. Our own minds have vastly greater powers than many of us can comprehend. Accepting that those powers exist is the first step and it is not easy. But you have to be aware of something before you can use it. At that stage, maybe one could flip over the Atlantic in the astral and check that he was OK. Or maybe one would not need to do so. At that stage, such worries would not exist.


I still think shuffling a pack of cards is a lot easier than zooming about in the astral. And it gives the same result, so why do the job the hard way?


It’s all in the mind.


Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 11, Society of Dark Lily (London 1990).