Dark Lilly Archive - We, The Eccentrics




One of the distinguishing features between genuine and phoney Satanic organisations is the genuine Satanists’ acceptance and encouragement of individualists.


(Definition of genuine: one which offers real knowledge and therefore power.) {NB WORD GENUINE IS BOLD}


In the phoney groups, all must conform because individualists would be a threat to the power and prestige of those at the top. The High Priest needs his followers, needs the crutch of their adulation, far more than they (if only they could see clearly enough) need him.


Satanists recognise that the individualist is the only worthwhile type. A Satanic High Priest does not need to vampirise his followers: his energy comes from within himself. Of course he gets a lot of admiration, because the people who have the wit and wisdom to follow his teachings recognise that here is a very special man. However, he does not need them. And they (once he has provided the initial impetus) do not need him. If anyone finds that statement disturbingly heretical

  • yes, I like shocking people, it sometimes does them good, but, in this instance, I mean it. To take the best-known example: you would not be where you are today if you had not read The Satanic Bible, {NB THE SATANIC BIBLE IS IN BOLD] but if (perish the thought!) Dr LaVey had retired from being a Satanist, you would not retire too. A great idea is bigger even than the great man who formulated it.


Self-sufficiency is a vital feature of Satanism and it sets us apart from all other ways, whether occult or orthodox. Variations from the normal can only be accorded true acceptance when there is no normal, and Satanism is the one way that has never needed to set a normal because it recognises the individual.


A way of life which promotes self-sufficiency naturally nurtures quite a few real eccentrics. I remember one Satanist who lived in a motorised caravan because he didn’t want to see the same view every day (well, that’s what he said). He usually stayed around the same town because he had a very respectable job, which he liked and did well, but, on a date with him, one never knew whether one would be spending the night in the Municipal Car Park or in the woods five miles out of town. Usually the woods, because we made too much noise and disturbed the winos in the car park. The squirrels and rabbits never objected; in fact the squirrels would take nuts from his hand.


I have noticed that quite a few Satanists have the ability to communicate with animals. This must be distinguished from the woolly-minded white-witchery sentimentalities, some of which even go so far as to upset the balance of Nature (for example, saving the seals caused a drastic shortage of fish). This communication is usually on a one-to-one basis and has nothing to do with emotionalism. I know a very advanced Satanist who goes shooting and fox-hunting; his dog and his horse have a better rapport with him than most humans could achieve.


People who think for themselves may occasionally come into conflict with the system, but, in most cases, it makes more sense to duck and dodge rather than to adopt directly confrontational tactics. Eccentrics are tolerated, some are even admired - but drop-outs make the place look untidy. It is not a case of stridently demanding the right to do one’s own thing (who, incidentally, has the right

to confer that right?) We simply do our own thing. It does not harm anyone else; if it upsets some people, that is their problem. Heard of the recently-announced christian terrorist tactics as the fundies step up their campaign? The white witches are running scared, but it would be really funny if those misguided bigots targeted a Satanist. Regrettably, it seems that sense (for once) prevails.



Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 11, Society of Dark Lily (London 1990).