Dark Lilly Archive - A CLICH EXAMINED




Judeo-Christian has become one of our standard pejorative terms, so, before it slips into the status of a cliché which is used unthinkingly, let us consider its suitability. How far are we justified in equating Jews and Christians? Not very far, in my opinion. It was Christians who burned our ancestors at the stake (they burned Jews as well). It is the Christians who nowadays accuse us of human sacrifice etc. Jews are not into the persecution business, they know only too well how it feels to be on the receiving end, not only in the present century but throughout the Diaspora.


Without Judaism, Christianity would not have existed. Yes, we can blame the Jews for that. They didn’t like it at the time and they did their best to stop it, but, not being very good at oppression, they did not succeed.


I am not suggesting that we have any common ground. I do not know much about Judaism and, what little I know, I do not agree with. Leaving theologies aside, we should respect them. They have come through far worse sufferings than we have ever endured, and have remained steadfast. They have never tried to inflict their religion on others or harmed those who have disagreed with them (not since Old Testament times anyway, and that’s too far back to blame present exponents).


Judaism demonstrates little or no similarity with Christianity. Judaism is sufficiently aware of its own validity to be able to accept that other faiths have the right to exist. Christianity does not have such self-confidence and its attacks on us are manifestations of its insecurity.


We have only one adversary. Don’t dissipate your energies. Sure, the Jews say that Satanists are evil and they don’t want to talk to us. That’s their privilege. Christians say that Satanists are evil and they want to exterminate us. There is a hell of a difference.



From Dark Lily Journal No 12. Society of Dark Lily. (London 1991)