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Satanism is not the simplistic doctrine of license and chaos, which is its sensationalized primary attraction. I don’t think anyone reading DL, or TBF, or Trident will disagree. The alternative for society is too grave.


Abdicating the self entirely from social responsibility and reliance is immature, irrational and dangerous. Isolationism, especially if self-induced, is suicidal and misanthropic, not Satanic. This goes for groups as well as individuals. Indeed, there is far greater gains in power, security and opportunity for self and community in support of social stability.


Satanism is a matter of social community. Satanists are contributors to the success and propagation of the social unit, to ensure personal and individual success as well. Religion is parasitical, exploitive, isolating, dividing and detrimental to human development… suicidal! Satanism is NOT a religion!


Satan symbolizes power, vision, instinct and humanity. When these elements are unified in an individual (androgeny), according to need and circumstance, the Mark of SATAN can be seen. Satanists are developed by the favourable conditions of a Satanic upbringing. Its social environment is created and maintained by the natural instinct for harmony common to Satanists. Community and individual potential are the keys for developing Satanists. Social Realism is a state of being for the maturing Satanist.


EMBASAT is an institution of matured Satanism. Prior to EMBASAT, Satanism was only another religion. EMBASAT is the vision of life in the future without religion. The potential for human development, without the massive burden of religious influence, is enormous, more so because patriarchy exists also.


The symbol of Satanism is the reconciliation of opposites… duality united… androgeny. This is Baphomet (‘wisdom’). Our seminal development acclaims S.A.T.A.N. (Survival And The Androgyne Nataion) as the imperative. No church, no religion, no elitist fundamentalism, no invisible mysteries or holy laws. Just a rational concept of the future, and how to get there in one piece. This is an embassage of realists with more than simple hopes and dreams, but with keys… keys to understanding, compassion, realization and actualities. This is the Embassy of S.A.T.A.N., with a duty to train and send forth its ambassadors as a force for change which has never been attempted. It will take perseverance, commitment and applied psychology, not only of benefit to the individual, but for the community, too, which is mutually enriching. As we draw ever nearer to the end of the century, ominous signs emerge, forcing the question to each of us, that we either forge our future, or be relegated to the past, because most of us will live to see what is about to happen.

Yaj Nomolos, S.P.




p14-15 Dark Lily Journal No 12. Society of Dark Lily (London 1991)